Honda teases new motorcycle

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Rumours surfaced recently of a 2018 Goldwing with hub-centre steering, traction control, cornering ABS, electronic suspension, engine modes and a whole new frame.
2018 Honda Goldwing radical - Honda video teases new motorcycle
2018 Goldwing?

There was no mention of automatic transmission, but Honda is convinced this is the way forward, especially in the American touring market.

A teaser campaign for a new Goldwing would echo a similar teaser video campaign by Japanese competitor Yamaha for their Star Venture touring bike with reverse.

Yamaha Star Venture tourer - Honda video teases new motorcycle
Yamaha Star Venture

Yamaha has now released a bagger version called the Eluder. Neither bike will be imported into Australia, says Yamaha Motor Australia.

Honda video teases new motorcycle
Yamaha Star Eluder

But there could be other possibilities for the new Honda.

Perhaps it is a totally new niche, or a bike with new technology.

For clues, we checked on patents Honda has filed over the past few years.

They include blind spot alert, three-wheelers, emergency braking, turbo engines and even motorcycle air-conditioning!

Whatever it is, let’s hope Honda has something worth teasing us about.

Honda has certainly lacked inspiration since it wound down in a knee-jerk reaction to the GFC almost a decade ago.

The second video will be released next month.

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